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28 New Acts Added to MTA Music Under New York Roster Following Annual Auditions on May 15

Updated May 29, 2024 6:00 p.m.

147 Applications Across All Music Genres

52 Acts Invited to Audition

28 New Acts Selected and Added to MTA MUSIC Roster

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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced today that it is adding 28 soloists and groups to Music Under New York (MTA MUSIC). These performers were chosen through the 34th annual auditions held on May 15 at Grand Central Madison.

The auditions were held by MTA Arts & Design, which is responsible for providing visual and performing arts throughout the MTA system. The line up for the day’s event consisted of 52 acts who were scheduled from 147 applications received during the January-March 1 application period. During the auditions, musicians were given five minutes each to perform live for the public and a panel of judges consisting of musicians, music professionals, and transit representatives. The judges scored each performance based on the criteria of quality, variety, and appropriateness for the transit environment.

“It’s no surprise that there’s such a demand to perform for the greatest and most diverse audience,” said MTA Arts & Design Director Sandra Bloodworth. “The line up at this year’s auditions was top-notch, and we are pleased to present to riders 28 new acts. A chance encounter with live music is a highlight of the transit experience. This group of talented musicians—as accomplished as they are varied—look forward to turning your day around.”

The new 28 acts selected through 2024 MTA MUSIC Auditions are:

Algonzo, Pop/ R&B sax
Arkai, Classical meets rock & roll
Band of Brothers, Pop & rock band
Greg Banks, Reggae & funk guitar & vocals
Janae Catt, Ole school & “feel good” vocals
Clover’s Curfew, Folk & rock duo
Cruz Angel, Pop & soul singer
DARRiS, Pop/ R&B keyboard, guitar, vocal trio
Jia Doughman, Violin
Richard Edwards, Chinese & Reggae vocals
Eliandes & Kevin Ugsha, Andean music trio
Evermuze, Cello & guitar duo
Tim Falvey, Folk guitar, harmonica & vocals
John Saxmo Mannan Quintet, Jazz band
Waylon Johnson, Pop & soul singer, songwriter
Doha Lee, Gayaguem (Korean harp)
Lembranza, Charango guitar duo
Lefty, Instrumental rock bass
Marley, Spanish & English singer, songwriter
M!LES, R&B, pop, funk vocals
New Thousand & Adrian Jusdanis, Electric violin & drum
Joshua Oxyer, Singer, songwriter, guitar & vocals
Papayera New York, Latin band
Robert Rucker Project, Traditional jazz group
Jacob Rudin, New Age meditative winds
The Outside In, Jazz group
West Fourth Trio, Jazz trio
Zuíque, Pop & rock duo

The event began with opening remarks by Sandra Bloodworth, Director, MTA Arts & Design, followed by comments and a horn blow by MTA Music Under New York performer Eganam Segbefia. Delphine Blue, DJ, innovator, and media personality, served as emcee for the day. During breaks, the judges and the public were treated to more performances by existing members of the MTA MUSIC roster that included Eganam Segbefia, classical and jazz trumpeter; Jose Bravo, electric violinist; and José Heredia, a tenor and member of Opera Collective.

Once accepted into the program, MTA MUSIC talent is eligible to perform at approximately 40 designated locations throughout the MTA network, including subway and commuter rail stations, as well as the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Participating musicians perform under a pink Music Under New York banner that features the performer’s name and the Music Under New York logo. MTA Arts & Design presents more than 7,500 MTA MUSIC performances in the transit system every year, with schedules revised every two weeks. Music Under New York is one of many visual and performing arts programs administered by MTA Arts & Design to enhance the station environment for customers.

About Music Under New York (MTA MUSIC)
MTA MUSIC has more than 350 performers showcasing classical strings, jazz ensembles, world music bands, folk, a cappella groups, singer-songwriters and more, featuring a wide range of instruments such as the Gambian kora, Korean drum, West Indian steel drums, Andean pipes, Cajun cello, Celtic and Baroque harps, guitars, violins, hammered dulcimers and musical saws. Performers are programmed across 45 MTA MUSIC locations throughout the transit system, including subway stations and MTA commuter rail terminals and the Staten Island Ferry terminal. MTA Arts & Design presents more than 7,500 musical performances in the transit system every year. The musicians perform in designated locations with a Music Under New York banner that features their name and the Music Under New York logo.

About MTA Arts & Design
MTA Arts & Design encourages the use of public transportation by providing visual and performing arts in the New York metropolitan area. The Percent for Art program is one of the largest and most diverse collections of site-specific public art in the world, with more than 400 commissions by world-famous, mid-career and emerging artists. Arts & Design produces Posters, Digital Art, photographic Lightbox exhibitions, as well as live musical performances in stations through its Music Under New York (MTA MUSIC) program, and the Poetry in Motion program in collaboration with the Poetry Society of America. It serves the millions of people who rely upon MTA subways and commuter trains and strives to create meaningful connections between sites, neighborhoods, and people. To learn more, visit mta.info/art.