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Pre-Tax Transit Benefit Information

Updated Jun 13, 2023
Information on buying MTA subway, bus, and rail passes and tickets using pre-tax benefit programs.

Transit benefit programs

Federal law allows a pre-tax transit benefit of up to $300 per month. If your pre-tax benefit provider has not already notified you that your account has been updated, you should contact the workplace administrator of your transit benefit program for assistance in modifying your current pre-tax and secondary payments. Or, click on the link for your transit benefit program provider below for information about alternate payment options available to you.

Other than damaged MetroCards and cards covered under the Balance Protection Program, we are unable to resolve any issues you may have with the pre-tax MetroCards you received through programs like TransitChek. To stop receiving a pre-tax MetroCard, you must contact the benefit provider directly to pause or cancel your enrollment.

We do not accept prepaid vouchers as a form of payment for MetroCards, or for railroad tickets purchased through Mail&Ride or at ticket offices.

Here are some of the providers who can work with your employer to make the appropriate arrangements:

Refunds for transit benefit cards

Transit benefit program providers are not part of the MTA. We can only provide refunds for ticket purchases back to your transit benefit card, not via check or another card. If you are trying to get a refund for funds remaining on a transit benefit card, you must contact your provider. Each provider will have its own terms and conditions.