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Workforce Utilization Reporting

Updated Dec 6, 2019

Under New York State Executive Law 15-A, certain contracts awarded by the MTA and MTA agencies to a contractor have Workforce Utilization Reporting (Report) requirements which measure the utilization of minorities and women by contractors and subcontractors on these contracts.

Contractors and subcontractors performing work on services and commodities contracts over $25,000 and on construction contracts over $100,000 are requested to submit reports using the Prime/Subcontractor Workforce Utilization Excel Spreadsheet (below).

Form Instructions

Populating the Report Spreadsheet and Sending It to Us

  1. Occupation Classification and SOC Job Title – Click on the cell itself in order for the drop-down box of choices to appear;  once the drop-down selections appear, select the appropriate category. Once you have done this for the first cell, repeat for the second cell. 
  2. EEO Job Title and SOC Job Code – These two cells will populate automatically once the first two (in item above) have been filled in.
  3. For the remaining cells, type in the correct number corresponding to the applicable category.
  4. Once the Report Spreadsheet has been completed, save it to your computer and email it to

    Enter the contract number you are reporting on and your company name in the subject line of the email to ensure that your Workforce Utilization Reporting requirement is met.

Submission Requirements

The Report Spreadsheet must be submitted quarterly for services and commodities contracts over $25,000; indicate the three month reporting period on the Workforce Utilization Report Form.
The Report Spreadsheet must be submitted monthly for construction contracts over $100,000; indicate the reporting month on the Report Spreadsheet.