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Reconstructing the D express track in the Bronx

Beginning July 5, D service will run local 24/7 in the Bronx while we repair aging track. Here's what you need to know about getting around.
Updated June 30, 2022 10:04 a.m.

What we're doing

Beginning Tuesday, July 5, trains will operate only on the local track between 145 St and Norwood-205 St while the express track is closed for repairs. On weeknights and weekends, there will be partial  suspensions. The work will be ongoing through 2023. 

Why we're doing it

We're doing this work to restore the Concourse Line, where the   train runs, to a state of good repair. The track is 89 years old and is experiencing age-related deterioration of its steel and concrete. We will be fixing those issues and making other structural repairs to the subway tunnel, such as fixing leaks, replacing or repairing structural beams, and replacing drainpipes. We will also use the closure as an opportunity to upgrade the train power and radio communications systems. 

When we're done, customers will experience faster and more reliable rides on the express line. 

Service changes

  • During the morning rush, downtown  trains will run local from Bedford Park Blvd to 145 St.
  • During the evening rush, uptown trains will run local from 145 St to Bedford Park Blvd. 
  • On weeknights and weekends, there may be partial suspensions to   service. 

Getting around

  • For service, take the   to or from nearby stations. Transfer between the   and the  at 161 St-Yankee Stadium.
  •  service will be unaffected. As a reminder,   trains do not run overnight or on weekends.