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Lexington Av/53 St escalators closed beginning October 14

We're upgrading equipment at one of Manhattan's busiest stations. Here's what that means for your ride.
Updated November 1, 2022 2:15 p.m.

Beginning in October 2022, we will replace the escalators at the Third Avenue entrance to the the Lexington Av/53 St   station. 

The station, which includes a connection to the 51 St  , is one of the busiest in the subway system. We're replacing these escalators with new, modern equipment, which will ultimately make them faster and more reliable.

However, this will affect how customers get around. Allow for additional travel time, as there will likely be major crowding getting to and from the  platform, and some entrances will be closed at times.

Although the station will remain open while we work on the escalators, the Third Avenue entrances to the station will be closed most of the time. Customers can use these entrances from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays only.

If you have to use the station, use the Lexington Avenue entrance. (This is especially true if you have luggage or other bulky items.) There is an elevator on the northeast corner of Lexington Avenue and 52nd Street. 

You may want to use other stations during the escalator closure, if you're able. Nearby stations include: 

  • 5 Av/53 St 
  • Lexington Av/59 St 
  • 59 St 

If you need assistance, look for MTA employees or use one of the Help Points within the station.