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Ridgefield-Katonah Shuttle and Metro‑North Railroad

Updated Nov 6, 2023
For service between Ridgefield, Connecticut and Grand Central Terminal via Metro-North’s Katonah Station. Service is operated by HARTransit.
Ridgefield – Katonah Shuttle Map

To Grand Central Terminal

Weekdays via Katonah Station

X Discharges passengers only on request.

Jessie Lee Memorial ChurchPark & Ride
Prospect Ridge (Bark Park) Park & Ride
South Salem Municipal Lot Park & Ride
Katonah Station
Shuttle Meets Train
White Plains
Grand Central Terminal
AM 5:45 5:56 6:11 6:19 6:51 7:30 AM
AM 6:01 6:12 6:27 6:35 7:08 7:49 AM
AM 6:41 6:52 7:07 7:15 8:25 AM
AM 6:59 7:13 7:30 7:39 8:10 8:50 AM
AM 7:28 7:39 7:59 8:08 8:36 9:16 AM
AM 7:46 7:55 8:16 8:24 8:53 9:31 AM
PM 5:32 X 5:57 6:25 6:58 7:36 PM
PM 6:26 X 6:51 6:57 7:26 8:07 PM
PM 6:59 X 7:09 7:24 7:31 8:03 8:41 PM
PM 7:26 X 7:51 8:27 8:59 9:37 PM
PM 7:54 X 8:04 8:19 8:27 8:59 9:37 PM

To Ridgefield

Weekdays via Katonah Station

X Discharges passengers only on request.

Grand Central Terminal
White Plains
Shuttle Meets Train
Katonah Station
South Salem Municipal LotPark & Ride
Prospect Ridge (Bark Park) Park & Ride
Jessie Lee Memorial ChurchPark & Ride
AM 6:01 6:37 7:09 7:14 7:38 AM
PM 3:52 4:26 4:58 5:03 X 5:25 X PM
PM 4:18 5:19 5:24 X 5:51 X PM
PM 4:41 5:15 5:48 6:02 X 6:26 X PM
PM 4:57 5:31 5:57 6:02 X 6:26 X PM
PM 5:27 6:27 6:32 X 6:57 X PM
PM 5:29 6:02 6:35 6:47 X 7:10 X PM
PM 5:44 6:42 6:47 X 7:10 X PM
PM 6:10 6:44 7:13 7:18 X 7:41 X PM
PM 6:29 7:03 7:31 7:36 X 8:00 X PM
PM 6:56 7:30 7:58 8:03 X 8:26 X PM
PM 7:26 8:00 8:32 8:35 X 8:58 X PM
Printable Ridgefield-Katonah Schedule

Download the Ridgefield-Katonah Schedule to print.

Fares between Ridgefield and Grand Central Terminal

Monthly UniTicket: $392.00
Purchased with Metro-North monthly rail ticket only.
Can only be purchased at ticket vending machines or ticket offices.

  • Combination bus/rail monthly Flash Pass
  • Unlimited travel on bus/rail
  • Good seven days per week

Weekly UniTicket: $138.75
Purchased with Metro-North weekly rail ticket only.
Can only be purchased at ticket vending machines or ticket offices.

  • Combination bus/rail weekly Flash Pass
  • Unlimited travel on bus/rail
  • Good Saturday through Friday

Bus Fare:

  • $1.75 One-way Peak
  • $.85**Seniors/Disabled (65 or older)
  • $1.40 Students (K-12)

Rail Fares:

  • $18.25 One-way Peak
  • $13.50 One-way Off-peak
  • $9.00** Senior/Disabled (65 or older)
  • $1.00*** One-way Child (ages 5-11)
  • $359.00 Monthly Commutation
  • $127.50 Weekly Commutation
  • $182.50 Ten Trip Peak.
  • $114.75 Ten Trip Off‑peak

** Senior Citizen (65 or older), Medicare, or Person with Disability Identification required for discounted fare. Restrictions apply.

  • Senior Citizen Identification: Driver’s license, or (for senior bus fare) Sweet HART ID.  
  • Person with Disability Identification:
  • Disabled identification card issued by MTA, Connecticut, or New York City.
  • Medicare ID card

*** Family fare. Up to four children, ages 5-11, for each fare paying adult. (The fifth child and all other children pay Child Fare. $9.00 Peak/$6.75 Off-Peak)

Fares effective August 20, 2019. Subject to change. Please purchase tickets before boarding. On‑board rail fares are higher.

Holiday Schedules


Saturdays & Sundays:  No Service
11/23 Thanksgiving Day No Service
11/24 Day after Thanksgiving No Service
12/25 Christmas Day No Service
1/2 New Year’s Day Observed     No Service
1/15 M.L. King Jr. Day     Special Schedule
2/19 President’s Day Special Schedule
5/30 Memorial Day No Service
7/4 Independence  Day No Service
9/2 Labor Day No Service
11/28 Thanksgiving Day No Service
11/29 Day after Thanksgiving No Service
12/25 Christmas Day No Service


See full METRO-NORTH TRAIN SCHEDULE for holiday details.
MTA Metro-North Railroad’s Guaranteed Ride Home Program

MTA Metro-North monthly UniTicket customers who ride the Ridgefield-Katonah Shuttle to Katonah Station and commute to Grand Central Terminal or Harlem-125th Street can get up to two free taxi rides per month to your car or home when the Ridgefield-Katonah Shuttle is not scheduled to meet a train. For more information, including the name and phone number of the current taxi provider, please call 511.

Here’s how the program works:

  1. Present your valid UniTicket at any ticket window in Grand Central Terminal or, 6:40 AM – 9:30 PM, at Harlem‑125th Street Station.
  2. The ticket agent will stamp the UniTicket and give you a validated voucher. (Laminated UniTickets will not be accepted.)
  3. Take one of these trains from Grand Central Terminal to Katonah Station

    08:44 AM
    09:51 AM
    10:51 AM
    11:49 AM
    12:49 PM
    01:46 PM
    02:47 PM
    03:16 PM
    07:54 PM
    08:17 PM
    08:52 PM
    09:16 PM
    09:52 PM
    11:04 PM

  4. Call Katonah Taxi at 914-232-5772
  5. Present your voucher to the driver when you enter the taxi. (The voucher is good only for the day of the requested ride.)

It’s that simple! You’ll be taken to your car, home, or to any location in Putnam or Fairfield counties within 15 miles of Southeast Station.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program Hours  
Monday – Friday (excluding holidays) during off‑peak‡ times for all trains leaving Grand Central Terminal not met by a Ridgefield-Katonah Shuttle.

‡ Trains leaving Grand Central Terminal between 4 PM – 8 PM, arriving at Katonah Station between 5:45 PM – 9:30 PM, are not included in this program.

The program cannot be used when there is a delay in bus or train service due to breakdown or other problems.

Subject to restrictions and limitations set forth on this site, and the Guaranteed Ride Home voucher.

Contact Information

MTA Police: 212-878-1001

Police Emergency Only: (888) MTA-911PD or 888-682-9117

MTA Metro-North Railroad: 511 
Schedules, fares, and Senior Citizen/Disabled accessibility 

Deaf/Hard of Hearing – Use the free relay service 711 or your preferred relay service provider to reach 511

Tickets and Fares brochure available at all ticket offices, Grand Central Terminal, and online at www.mta.info.

Metro-North Complaints, Compliments, and Feedback


203-744‑4070 Monday – Friday 5 AM – 10:30 PM

Complaints, Compliments, and Feedback

Visit us at www.mta.info

Social Medial 
@mtametronorth  #metronorth

Call 511

By Mail:
Department of Employee Relations & Diversity
420 Lexington Ave., 12th Floor,
New York, NY 10170

Complaints may also be directed to:
U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Transit Administration,
Office of Civil Rights,
Attention: Complaint Team,
East Building 5th Floor—TCR,1200 New Jersey Ave. SE,
Washington, DC 20590

Commitments & Responsibilities

MTA Metro-North Railroad is committed to providing non-discriminatory service to ensure that no person is ex­clud­ed from participation in, or denied the benefits of, or sub­ject­ed to discrimination in the receipt of its ser­vices on the basis of race, color, national origin or in­come as protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Responsibility: Metro-North Railroad cannot assume responsibility for inconven­ience, expense or damage resulting from errors in timetables, delayed trains, failure to make connections, or for changes in or shortage of equipment. The schedules, equipment, and fares in this timetable are subject to change without notice.

See all MTA Metro-North Railroad Connecting Services

The Ridgefield-Katonah Shuttle is operated by HARTransit under contract with the New York and Connecticut Departments of Transportation, and in cooperation with Metro‑North Railroad. *Bee-Line Bus (Westchester County) services also available at Katonah Station on Katonah Avenue.

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