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Quantum Self-Securement System Pilot

Updated Dec 21, 2023

We’re always looking to make it easier for our customers to ride the bus, including those who use mobility devices. Every MTA bus has a securement system at each priority seating area for customers who use mobility devices, which helps keep passengers safe and is required by law. Now we’re testing the Quantum Self-Securement System, a new way for customers with mobility devices to secure themselves on buses. You can find Quantum on 10 buses along the M7 route, which runs between 147 St and 14 St in Manhattan. Look for the decal on the outside of the bus to see if the bus has the Quantum system onboard.

Quantum is used in several transit systems across the country, and now we’re testing it for the first time on an MTA bus. Every MTA bus will continue to have a four-point securement system at each securement location as we test this new system to give our customers more options to improve their bus-riding experience.

If you’ve used or been on a bus with Quantum, please let us know what you think.

How to use Quantum

Each bus with the Quantum system installed has on-board instructions. But, if you want to familiarize yourself with the system before you ride, here are some tips.

Step 1

When you board the bus, let the bus operator know you plan use Quantum to secure your mobility device. If it’s your first time using Quantum, you can ask your bus operator for assistance.

Step 2

If you choose to use Quantum, your operator will ask you if you need assistance putting on your seat belt. Please inform your operator if you would like assistance.

A bus operator assisting a customer in a mobility device with their seatbelt using the Quantum self-securement system.

Step 3

Maneuver the back of your mobility device to the center of the backrest, and then press the passenger signal button found on the side. The machine will beep twice.

A customer reaching his hand out to push the securement signal button found on the side of the flipped seat to start the Quantum self-securement system.

Step 4

The Quantum securement arm will slowly swing down into place, then lightly squeeze the wheel of your device. Another two beeps will go off when secured, and the bus operator will confirm you are safely secured.

A customer with a mobility device whose device has been secured by the Quantum self-securement system.

Step 5

To notify the bus operator when you get your destination, please push the stop request button found above the Quantum signal. Once fully stopped, press the Quantum passenger signal button again and the securement arm will disengage your mobility device and return to the stow position.

On the bus

  • Each bus in this pilot has one Quantum station and will continue to be equipped with one area of traditional four-point securement; every bus still has two area of Priority Seating. It is completely up to the customer which securement system to use.
  • All bus operators working on the M7 route are trained on how to use the Quantum system, should you need assistance. 
  • When using Quantum, please make sure there are no objects blocking you or the securement area. 

About the pilot

We’re testing this system to learn whether it may provide a good alternative to the traditional four-point system operated by bus operators for some customers who use mobility devices. We’re working with our operators to monitor the pilot closely. And we appreciate your feedback, especially if you’ve used the system yourself.

Our goals

  • Evaluate the benefits of self-securement 
  • Get feedback about customers’ experiences
  • Listen to what our bus operators have to say
  • Ensure everyone’s safety 
  • Evaluate the costs of installing, operating, and maintaining Quantum compared to our traditional securement system

This pilot is part of our efforts to further enhance accessibility on our bus fleet, which is already fully wheelchair accessible, and make sure all customers can ride safely and comfortably. Read about our other projects to expand bus accessibility. 

If you have any feedback about self-securement, please fill out this survey. For feedback on accessible bus travel or other MTA services, contact us through our customer feedback form.