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42 St Connection Project: Times Square

An Accessible Times Square Station

The Times Square complex is New York City Transit's largest transfer hub, with approximately 640,000 customers passing through the station every day. The station connects  and lines. It also connects to Port Authority Bus Terminal. The and lines provide connections to Grand Central Station and Terminal on the east side, allowing for transfers to Metro-North Railroad and lines.

To increase safety, navigation and space, we’re rebuilding the entire 42 St Shuttle station at Times Square. This includes consolidating the notoriously confusing platform. When the work is complete, there will be one large island platform with a track on either side, along with a larger modern turnstile area. And we’re reducing the number of columns so you can get around the platform easier and board trains faster. This will also simplify boarding.

A major component of rebuilding the 42 St Shuttle station at Times Square is to make the entire facility ADA-compliant. By consolidating the track operations and creating one larger island platform between two tracks, we can provide more space for customers of all abilities.

By building the new station farther into the tunnel, we can straighten out the tracks and close the gap between the platform edges and trains.

We are also installing:

  • New turnstiles
  • Digital information screens
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting

Read about the ongoing work inside Times Square and how you can get around

A 3D rendering of the rebuilt 42 St Shuttle platform at Times Square
A 3D rendering of a rebuilt entrance to the 42 St Shuttle at Times Square