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42 St Connection Project: Transforming the 42 St Shuttle

The 42 St Shuttle is part of the original subway system that opened in 1904. It has grown to a ridership of more than 100,000 daily customers, including up to 10,000 riders per hour during peak hours, connecting Times Square and Grand Central Stations.

However, this critical link in Midtown Manhattan is difficult to navigate and isn’t accessible to mobility impaired customers due to three main issues that exist: large gaps between platforms and track, columns impeding the platform, and train boarding from multiple separate platforms.

To modernize it, including making it fully accessible for ADA standards, we will fully rebuild the 42 St Shuttle service, including the track operations and terminals at Times Square and Grand Central. Construction is scheduled from August 16, 2019, through 2022, using a phased approach that will allow service to continue with some reductions.

This project will transform all aspects of this critical crosstown link, resulting in a 42 St Shuttle that is:

  • Fully accessible in compliance with ADA standards: We're straightening the tracks and creating a single platform, which will get rid of gaps and make more room so people with mobility needs can use the 42 St Shuttle.
  • Easier to navigate and faster to board: The consolidated platform will make it easier to identify and board the next available train as quickly as possible. We’re also adding an entrance on the Times Square side to make it easier to get in and out.
  • Less crowded: Simplifying and extending the tracks will allow us to run longer cars, increasing capacity by 20% during peak times.

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Service information

The will still operate like it does today, but service will be reduced during construction. Expect it to get a little crowded at times on trains and platforms throughout the duration of the project. Arrival tracks will also change as work progresses.

Service at Times Square Station

Service at Grand Central Station

About the project

More than 100,000 customers use the 42 St Shuttle every day, connecting two major transit hubs in New York City: Times Square and Grand Central.

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