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Bronx Bus Network Redesign Final Plan

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Your local, limited, or Select Bus Service route might be changing!

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Project status

On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, the MTA Board of Directors adopted the Bronx Local Bus Network Redesign Final Plan. The staff summary and Board proceedings are available for your review. The Bus Network Redesign Team will now begin the important work of preparing for borough-wide implementation in Summer 2022. We will continue to use this project page to keep our customers and stakeholders up to date on next steps and milestones as we work towards implementation.


In October 2019, the MTA proposed a Final Plan to redesign the Bronx Bus Network focused on bringing our customers faster, more reliable bus service.

In February 2020, the MTA held a public hearing on the Bronx Bus Network Redesign proposed Final Plan to gather final comments about Local, Limited, and Select Bus Service, wrapping up a multi-year planning effort that incorporated customer needs and feedback from every corner of the Bronx and northern Manhattan. As a reminder, changes to Express Bus Service have been removed from the proposed Final Plan and will not move forward at this phase of the project. We will revisit Express Bus Service Redesign at a later time.

The next step would have been to take the proposed Final Plan to the MTA’s Board of Directors for a vote. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we made the difficult decision in March 2020 to pause the bus network redesign initiative to ensure that resources were concentrated where needed most, specifically moving our essential workers as quickly and safely as possible. The project remained paused for approximately 18 months.

In August 2021, Acting MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber and Interim New York City Transit President Craig Cipriano joined New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) Commissioner Henry Gutman to announce many exciting bus initiatives, including the restart of the Bronx Bus Network Redesign. We are excited to resume this process and have restarted outreach efforts to highlight the proposed changes and share updates to the proposed Final Plan since our February 2020 public hearing.

We recently held a virtual public meeting to hear additional feedback from members of the public and our bus customers on the proposed Final Plan. The meeting allowed us to inform customers on updates to the proposed Final Plan, which were publishing the in the Final Plan Addendum in November 2021, while hearing any additional concerns or comments they might have about the Plan. Updates to the proposed Final Plan include maintaining the Bx28 and Bx34 route alignments as they are today and postponement of the Bx6 SBS being realigned to serve Story Avenue in Soundview until 2023 when the MetroCard is retired and OMNY is fully deployed.

The proposed Final Plan demonstrates our new approach to providing bus service, one that dynamically responds and adapts to the everchanging needs and travel patterns of our customers while reallocating available resources where they are needed most.