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Riding safely on elevators and escalators

Updated Sep 15, 2020
Follow these tips to ride elevators and escalators more safely and courteously.


  • Let others exit before you enter an elevator.
  • Let people with disabilities and seniors board first.
  • It is illegal and unsanitary to use the elevator as a restroom.
  • Enter and exit carefully – watch your step.
  • Make sure your child and stroller are clear of closing elevator doors.
  • Keep clothing, bags, and other personal items clear of closing doors.
  • Wait for the next car if the elevator is full.
  • Avoid using anything to keep an elevator door from closing – that includes hands, feet, canes, suitcases, strollers, or baby carriages, etc.
  • Hold children by the hand and make sure they stay clear of the elevator doors.
  • If an elevator does not move after pressing the destination button, push the “door open” button and exit. Use the intercom located outside the elevator to report the problem to NYC Transit personnel immediately.
  • If there is an emergency while inside the elevator, press the “Call” button to contact NYC Transit personnel for assistance.
  • When using the elevator intercom for help, describe the problem to NYC Transit personnel and include the following information: the landing (floor) you are on, the elevator’s direction (going up or down), how many people are inside the elevator, and if the elevator doors are open or closed.
  • When providing information about an elevator-related incident, please include the elevator identification number which is generally located on the door frame and begins with the letters "EL" followed by three numbers. Contact Us


  • Observe the moving steps as you board/leave the escalator.
  • Face forward and hold the handrail.
  • Never sit on escalator steps.
  • Do not lean or sit on escalator rails.
  • Keep packages, purses, and other personal belongings off escalator handrails and steps.
  • Children should hold an adult’s hand, not the handrail, at all times.
  • Never run on escalators.
  • Step on and off, and proceed promptly; don’t block the landing.
  • Keep clothing and shoes away from the sides; laces, sandals, and scarves can get caught.
  • Be especially careful when wearing narrow high heels or soft sole shoes such as sandals that can get caught in the step grooves.
  • Keep to the right.
  • Do not bring walkers, wheelchairs, hand trucks, shopping carts, open strollers or baby carriages onto escalators.
  • Ensure children follow all safety tips stated above while riding the escalators.
  • When providing information about an escalator-related incident, please include the escalator identification number which is located on the right-hand side below the handrail and begins with the letters "ES" followed by three numbers. Contact Us