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Culver Line Signal Modernization

We’re modernizing the signaling system on the Culver Line between Church Av and West 8 St. This means more reliable transit and fewer delays. Here are details about service changes and what you can expect to improve.

We’ve invested in the Culver Line Signal Modernization project—an initiative which will solve the ongoing delays caused by old signals on the Culver Line from Church Av to West 8 St in Brooklyn by fully replacing them with modern signaling.

Here’s what you need to know about what we’re doing, how to use alternate service options as you commute, and the service improvements we expect when the project is done.


More reliable transit

We probably don’t need to tell you that the train’s reliability is below average on this stretch of track. Problems with old signaling systems is one of the leading causes of service disruptions. Replacing this equipment—which is about 70 years old—will help us decrease delays.

More resilient transit

Modern signals will make it possible for us to have more information about where trains are and how they’re performing. Installing modern signaling means that if there are problems with the new signals, we’ll be able to troubleshoot and resolve them faster.

Project update

We are continuing the installation of the CBTC system along the Culver Line.

Additional weekend work has been scheduled and will run through 2023. Visit our planned service changes page for the most up-to-date planned service change information. Use the MYmta app or visit our homepage to plan your trip. Look for posted signs along the line, sign up for e-alerts at My MTA Alerts or subscribe to our new MTA Weekender newsletter

Service changes and alternate travel options

During the Culver Line improvements, there will be no  service at some stations below on impacted weekends.

  • Ditmas Av
  • 18 Av
  • Avenue I
  • Bay Pkwy
  • Avenue N
  • Avenue P
  • Kings Highway
  • Avenue U
  • Avenue X
  • Neptune Av
  • West 8 St
  • Coney Island-Stillwell Av

As alternatives , and trains and local buses are available to complete your trip.

Car and pedestrian traffic will also be limited in some areas while we’re doing this work.

Find more travel tips and alternative service information.

Planned service changes

We are working on the Culver Line on weekends to minimize disruptions for riders. Through most of the spring and summer of 2023, weekend service will terminate at Church Av, and customers should plan ahead for trips to Coney Island and elsewhere in Brooklyn.

These are the weekends when we are planning service changes. Unless otherwise noted, trains will run between 179 St and Church Av from 9:30 p.m. on Friday until 4:30 a.m. Monday on these dates.

  • Feb. 24-27
  • March 3-6
  • March 10-13
  • March 18-19*
  • March 25-26*
  • April 28-May 1
  • May 5-8
  • May 12-15
  • May 26-30**
  • June 2-5
  • June 9-12
  • June 23-26
  • June 30-July 30
  • July 7-10
  • July 28-31
  • August 4-7
  • August 11-14
  • August 25-28
  • September 1-5**
  • September 8-11

* For the March 18-19 and March 25-26 weekends, service will run between 179 St and Kings Highway, from 3:30 a.m. Saturday until 10:00 p.m. Sunday.

** On Memorial Day (May 26-30) and Labor Day (September 1-5) weekends, work on the line will include the Monday, with service changes in place until 4:30 a.m. Tuesday.