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Pledge to Customers

Updated Jul 6, 2023
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is dedicated to delivering safe, reliable and efficient public transportation via subways, buses, trains and across our nine New York City tolled crossings.

A Safe, Reliable Trip

Our top priority is to provide a trip that gets customers to their destinations safely and reliably.

Accurate and Timely Information

We strive to provide accurate, timely and useful information on service conditions, including station, platform and onboard announcements, roadway and toll plaza signage, email alerts, postings on www.mta.info, and media reports.

Courteous Employees

MTA employees will be helpful and courteous to our customers.

A Clean Environment

We will endeavor to maintain a clean environment for our customers and the communities we serve at stations and facilities and on subways, buses and trains.

When Service is Disrupted

The MTA will respond quickly to provide customers with information concerning alternate routes and means of transportation and make efforts to provide for the comfort of customers experiencing delays.  We will make every effort to stop subways, buses and trains at stations and bus stops to allow customers to safely disembark and seek alternate transportation.

Emergency Notification and Restoration

If we must temporarily suspend service or close facilities due to extreme weather or other emergency conditions, the MTA will provide timely notice, including by email alerts, postings on www.mta.info and news reports, so that customers can plan their trips accordingly. We will also provide customers updated information regarding service restoration, including estimates of the time until service resumes and facilities reopen, using the same means of communication.

For Commuter Railroad Customers

When a Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) or a Metro-North Railroad (MNR) service suspension is declared on www.mta.info, LIRR/MNR may waive the $10 refund processing fee for a customer with an unused One-Way or Round-Trip ticket.