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Updated Jul 12, 2022

EMMA is the official repository for information on virtually all municipal bonds, providing free public access to official disclosures, trade data and other information about the municipal securities market. Investors may search by several means, including by issuer and by CUSIP.

The first six characters of the CUSIP are known as the base, or CUSIP-6, and uniquely identify the bond issuer. The CUSIP-6 for MTA and its related credits are as follows:

  • Transportation Revenue Bonds: 59259R, 59259Y and 59261A
  • MTA Payroll Mobility Tax Senior Lien Obligations:  59261C
  • TBTA Payroll Mobility Tax Senior Lien Obligations:  89602H
  • Dedicated Tax Fund Bonds: 59259N and 59260X
  • Sales Tax Revenue Bonds (TBTA Capital Lockbox - City Sales Tax): 896035
  • TBTA General Revenue Bonds (Senior Lien): 89602N and 89602R
  • TBTA Subordinate Revenue Bonds: 89602N
  • TBTA Second Subordinate Revenue Obligations: 89602R
  • Hudson Rail Yards Trust Obligations:  62476R