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Realtime data feeds in GTFS-rt

Subway, rail, and alerts

Our real-time subway, train, and alert data can be accessed via our API gateway. Over time, we will be moving all our real-time data to this gateway. The feeds are free to use, but you will need to create an account and agree to our Terms of Service. 


Real-time bus data can be found at the Bus Time API gateway. This is a separate gateway, so you'll need to make a different account to access bus data.

Other data, including static data and GTFS schedules

For now, you can access our static data and some other real-time sources at our old developer page. Scroll to the bottom and click to agree with the terms of service and you'll see the various data sets. This includes base schedules, some real-time information, and performance data sets.

Community support and questions

We don't have a dedicated developer support team, but we actively monitor the MTA Developer Google Group. Send questions and comments to the group.

Using MTA logos, maps or symbols

Our data feeds are free to use. But to use our logos, maps, symbols or other intellectual property, you need to apply for a license. The MTA protects its brand identity and intellectual property on behalf of the public. Revenues generated from licensing go back into our budget, helping provide services for our customers.

If an MTA-approved mobile application is provided to the public free of charge, the MTA requires a license but will not charge a license fee for the use of our intellectual property. Commercial and ad-sponsored applications may be charged a license fee.