MTA Office of the Toll Payer Advocate

Who We Are

We are an independent office within the MTA committed to balancing toll payer assistance efforts against enforcement efforts.

We'll listen to you, learn about your problems and concerns, and help you work them out.

How We Help You

  • Provide free and independent toll-problem assistance
  • Help resolve long-standing toll problems
  • Recommend administrative reforms

How to Request Assistance

If you have a toll problem that you have been unsuccessful in resolving using the E-ZPass® and Tolls by Mail service center, we may be able to assist you.

Request Assistance
Please allow 7-14 days for a response. Your patience is appreciated as we update our system.

Contact Us: Don't Ignore Your Toll Problems

Ignoring your toll problems is the worst thing you can do and will not make the problems go away. If you have a problem, please contact us for help.

Your options may include a settlement agreement.