Access-A-Ride fare is the same as the full fare on fixed-route bus and subway. When the fare changes on the fixed route system, the same change occurs on Access-A-Ride (AAR). Payment of the AAR fare is mandatory. This policy provides the rules and regulations for paying the AAR fare.

Payment of fare

Every AAR Customer and accompanying Guest is obligated to pay the appropriate fare to the AAR vehicle operator, in exact change, upon boarding the vehicle.

  • A round-trip fare will not be accepted. Each Customer and their Guest may only pay for one trip at a time, at the time that the trip is taken.
  • Only an authorized Personal Care Attendant traveling with an AAR Customer is permitted to ride free of charge (“PCA” must be noted on the Customer’s AAR ID card). If “PCA” is not noted on the AAR ID card, the person traveling with the Customer is considered a Guest and must pay the full AAR fare.
  • For AAR Customers who participate in the TransitChek program, the AAR vehicle operator will accept the AAR TransitChek coupon as fare payment. This coupon is good for one trip.

Fare collection

Every vehicle operator is responsible for collecting all fares from certified AAR Customers and Guests prior to departure.

  • AAR vehicle operators are not required to transport any persons who do not pay the appropriate fare.
  • AAR vehicle operators will not provide change. The fare collected must be in exact change.