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On the day of your trip

Updated Mar 12, 2024

Before, during or after the 30-minute waiting period, you may call AAR (menu option 4) to get your carrier's name, the vehicle number, and its location or estimated time of arrival (ETA). You can also confirm and track scheduled trips with MY AAR or text messaging. Please:

  • Be at your pickup location ready to travel at your scheduled pickup time. If you need to take an elevator or walk a distance to your pickup location, please allow extra time.
  • Be prepared to wait up to 30 minutes after your scheduled pickup time. The 30-minute waiting period begins at your scheduled pickup time and ends 30 minutes later.
  • AAR vehicles arriving during this time are considered on time. You may call AAR (menu option 4) to check on your vehicle's location or ETA.
  • When the vehicle arrives, please show the driver your AAR MetroCard/ID and pay the exact fare as you board.
  • Drivers must wait five minutes after your scheduled pickup time, even if they arrive early. Drivers arriving after your scheduled pickup time must also wait five minutes before leaving.
  • Dispatchers are requested to call you if you are not at the pickup location. If contact is made with the customer, the driver will wait only an additional 5 minutes.

Cell phone users: Please call Eligibility on 877-337-2017 and dial "4". Request that your cell phone number be entered into the Manifest Notes in your permanent record so that dispatchers can contact you before the driver leaves.

If your vehicle doesn't arrive at the end of the 30-minute waiting period, follow the instructions shown below in the "What to Do if an AAR Vehicle is Late" section.

If you are delayed but wish to keep your return-trip reservation, call AAR (menu option 4) at least 60 minutes before your scheduled pickup time to reschedule. Please see the AAR Phone Directory.

What to do if an AAR vehicle is late

If your scheduled pickup time has passed, but the AAR vehicle has not arrived, you can call Travel Services for an updated trip status. A representative will check the Automatic Vehicle Location Monitoring System (AVLM) and tell you the vehicle's location or ETA, the carrier's name and the vehicle's number. If the ETA is later than 30 minutes after your scheduled pickup time, you may request that a representative attempt to find you alternative transportation from a nearby AAR vehicle or by authorizing taxi/car service. If the original vehicle's ETA is near, you may wish to wait for the original vehicle.

Taxi/car service authorization and reimbursement

If you are approved to use a taxi or car service as an alternative to a late-arriving vehicle, you will be given an authorization number by a representative. You will then be responsible for arranging for your own taxi/car service: including paying the fare, tolls, and no more than a 15 percent tip, obtaining a receipt from the driver and submitting a letter to AAR requesting reimbursement. You will be reimbursed the cost of your trip minus the full AAR paratransit fare. The reimbursement amount may be reduced if a request appears excessive.

Please note: In Manhattan, wheelchair users can dial 311 for a wheelchair accessible taxi to travel to any of the five boroughs.

NYC Transit may offer customers a conditional authorization when it is unclear if the same-day problem was caused by you or NYC Transit. You will not be reimbursed for taxi/car service if NYC Transit determines that you are responsible for the problem.

NYC Transit may not authorize taxi/car service for customers who are not at their pickup locations and ready to travel when an AAR vehicle arrives within the 30-minute time period. This also applies to customers who call for an earlier pickup time on the day of their trip.

To submit your receipts for reimbursement consideration, please fill out a reimbursement form online or print and mail the Taxi/Car Service Reimbursement Form. You can also follow the reimbursement instruction below.

Please see the Taxi/Car Service Reimbursement Policy for more details.

Reimbursement instructions

  1. Letters must be postmarked within three months from the trip date.
  2. Letters missing required documentation will be returned.
  3. Letters must include your name, address, AAR ID number, the NYC Transit authorization number, original taxi meter receipt or original car service receipt. Receipts that appear altered may be rejected, and copies or faxes are not accepted. The reimbursement amount may be limited if a request appears excessive.
  4. Car service receipts must include the car service name, telephone number, trip date, fare, tolls, and tip.
  5. Mail letters to

    AAR Taxi Reimbursements
    MTA NYC Transit, Paratransit Division
    130 Livingston Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

Inclement weather

While AAR may continue to operate during adverse weather conditions, there may be times when local road conditions prevent us from reaching you. For weather and service messages, please call AAR at 877-337-2017 or check the National Weather Service website.

Maximum Ride Times

Here is the amount of time you can anticipate traveling, based on trip miles.


Maximum Ride Time


50 minutes


1 hour 5 minutes


1 hour 35 minutes


1 hour 55 minutes


2 hours 15 minutes


2 hours 35 minutes